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The Corredor Ecológico Esperança Conduru is located in the South Coast of Bahia, in an Atlantic Rainforest that shelters one of the richest biodiversity of the planet with great potential to the development of touristic, agricultural, fisheries of creative economy and forestry activities.
It is found there five unities of environmental preservation called Unidades de Conservação Ambiental — Parque Estadual da Serra do Conduru (PESC), Enviromental Protection Area Área - Proteção Ambiental (APA) da Costa Itacaré–Serra Grande, APA da Lagoa Encantada and the source of Rio Almada, Parque Estadual da Ponta da Tulha – Ponta da Tulha State Park – and the Parque Municipal da Boa Esperança – Boa Esperança disctric Park. The area also has important educational, research and extension instituitions such as the Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz (UESC) – Santa Cruz’s State University, the Instituto Federal Baiano (IFBaiano) – Baiano’s Federal Institute, the Universidade Federal do Sul da Bahia (UFSB) – Federal University of the South of Bahia, the Escola Rural Dendê da Serra – Rural School Dendê da Serra and the Unidade Integrada do Sul da Federação das Indústrias do Estado da Bahia (FIEB) – South Integrated Unity of Bahia’s State Industries .
In the other hand, faces a chronic cycle of inequality and poverty due to the historical and cultural process of development based on monoculture and income concentration, aggravated by de decay of the cocoa economy.
This process damaged the development of traditional economies such as fisheries, agriculture and extractive activities, reinforced by more strict environmental laws. In this context, the low technical and professional qualification of the population makes it more difficult for it to adapt to new technologies and economic opportunities.

The natural beauty and good life quality has attracted people from other parts of Brazil and around the world that bring new lifestyles, resulting in the land prices and the cost of living increase, generating sociocultural conflicts. Population growth has provoked a disorganized occupation and threatened the maintenance of quality of life and natural resources.

Tabôa emerge with a vision to promote the leading figures out of local people so they can lead the economic and social development respecting the local environmental resources. The promotion happens by two strategic axis, synergetic and complementary: strengthen of economic vocations and communitarian leading figure.
The first axis – strengthen of local economic vocation based on sustainability – is formed by the productive credit program and incubation and business strengthen and has the goal of creating and strengthen business in transaction to sustainability, to generate and keep work stations and improve the professional qualification. Is believed that we’ll contribute to the generation of successful and long lasting business by the access to credit, improvement of management, with the offering of courses and advisory and the support to the registry and articulation of entrepreneurs.
The second axis – strengthen of civil society as leading figure of changes – is implemented by the means of socio-environmental projects and development of organizations, groups and leaderships. It has the goal to generate more collaborative communitarian relations and hone it’s capacity. We believe that we will contribute so that a civil society capable of managing the territory in an active way, by supporting socio-environmental projects, qualification, consulting and advisory, support to the registry and inter-institutional articulation.

We expect that, by strengthening the civil society and the local business in its transition to sustainability, we will contribute to the economic and social stimulation, ensuring the environmental conservation and generation prosperity and life quality to all local protagonists. 

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