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Tabôa received 44 projects, of which 21 were selected. They were presented by groups and associations to act in Serra Grande/Bahia, with the themes: Culture, Citizenship, Environment and Health.

The Project Call Out was released by Tabôa with the goal of supporting with non-refundable resources (donations) initiatives and projects presented by communitarian based organizations. The projects can be presented in the following areas: Social, Income Generation, Cultural, Sports, Educational, Environmental, citizenship and institutional strengthening.

Learn about the selected projects in the 2nd Project Call Out 2016-2017

Citizenship Projects

Citizenship and prosperity - Associação dos Moradores do Sargi e Pé de Serra (ASMOVISA) – Sargi and Pé da Serra Residents Association
Revitalize the headquarters building of the Associação de Moradores do Sargi e Pé de Serra, transforming it in a Communitarian Centre of socioeconomic development with provision of legal, bureaucratic and business  orientation services;  provision of knowledge and information to the individual and collaborative growth; and participation in the public policies and active collaboration in the administration of its territory and surroundings.
Crocheting Empowering - Instituto Ynamata
Project: Somar + - Grupo de Apoio ao ensino das Ciências Exatas e Tecnológicas (GAECET) – Exact and Technological Sceeinces Support Group
Horta Comunitária na Comunidade das Tesouras – Communitarian Green Garden in Tesouras Community Group: Comunidade das Tesouras – Tesouras Community
Oficina de Diagnósticos Participativos (Juventude no Turismo de Base Comunitária de Serra Grande) – Participative Diagnosis Workshop – (Youth in Community Based Tourism of Serra Grande) - Rede de TBC de Serra Grande — Grupo de Trabalho de Juventude – Serra Grande’s TBC Network (Youth Work Group)
Solidary Mothers - Associação de Moradores e Moradoras da Beira Rio da Represa (AMBRR) – Association of the Residents of Beira Rio da Represa

Enviromental Projects

(a)Mar - Instituto Ynamata – Ynamata Institute

The a(Mar) Project – an environmental monitoring has as a focus the activities of monitoring the coast and sea wildlife at the beaches of Pé de Serra and Sargi, disctrict of Uruçuca, inserting the local community  in the preservation and knowledge production actions.

Riquezas da Comunidade – Comunity Wealth - Casa das Flores – House of flowers
Escola Quintal de Educação Ambiental – Backyard of Environmental Education School -Turma do Sapoti
Reforestation at Tesouras’ Community - Tesouras’ Community
Headwaters Protections - Associação dos Pequenos Produtores Rurais de Serra Grade – Small Rural Productors of Serra Grande’s Association

Cultural Projects

Miscigenando - Associação dos Moradores da Vila do Sargi e Pé de Serra (Asmovisa) – Residents of Vila do Sargi and Pé de Serra’s association
The project Miscigenando has as a goal the creation of interaction, exchange of knowledge and experiences spaces by artistic, sports and cultural practices bringing the residents closer with a harmonic coexistence.  Aims to appreciate the diversity, cultivating memories and cultural heritages, strengthening the self-esteem, local belonging and communitarian feelings.
Circus School to all! - Circo da Lua – Moon’s Circus
Square dance Arraial da Serra do Seu Lito - Square dance of Seu Lito
Sarau Serra Viva – Serra Viva’s Soirée
Capoarte – SBC Capoeira
Mirim Serra Grande Ecological Run — II Edition - Sonhos da Terra – Earth’s Dreams

Health Projects

Entrpreneursim, Development and Trauma-healing - Unidade Assistencial da Casa da União de Ilhéus – Assistencial Unity of Ilhéus Unity House
This project articulates entrepreneurism and mental health, promoting the integration of traumatic experiences and the resources development in young people from High School of the Antônio Cruz State School in Serra Grande, thus co-creating a new place for the school. During the period of 11 months, they held courses and meetings with the young people, teachers and principals from school, tackling themes such as human development, relationships, traumas, learning and entrepreneurism. The methodology being used is called “Treinamento de Habilidades” – Skills Training - and consists in practical, theoretical presentations and group processes  that aims the development of a set of presence and relational skills that, ultimately, will be tools to the conception and execution of well succeeded business, as well as a cure of traumatic experiences.
Food Knowledge Circulation - House of Flowers
Pregnant Women Support Group - Gestar
Friends of Medicinal - Friends of Medicinal Plants

Rua Osvaldo Ribeiro, 221 - Serra Grande
Uruçuca – Bahia – CEP 45.680-000

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